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Flymo 1200R Review

Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower Review (2020)


Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower is very similar to all the other robot lawn mowers out there, but cheaper. And it’s cheaper because it’s not pushing technological boundaries as it covers just the small to medium sized lawns in a typical robot mower fashion.

So if you were looking to have your lawn mowed automatically, Flymo 1200R is basically as good as any, assuming your lawn wasn’t bigger than 400m² and its features & price were right for you.

Check its price here: Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower.

Quick Overview for the Hasty

Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower measures: 58 cm x 46 cm x 26 cm (length x width x height); weighs 7.4 kg, and has 3 pivoting blades for a cutting system. It’s got collision, tilt, and lift sensors, is more or less waterproof, and has multiple security features. Have a quick read: “Robot Lawn Mower Buying Guide.”

Before diving deeper into it, let’s first analyze the raw data:

  • Lawn coverage: 400m² (+-20%)
  • Cutting rate: 30m² per hour (33m²)
  • Charging time: 50 minutes (avg. time)
  • Mowing time: 65 minutes (average time)

That means it would take roughly 30 hours to mow the 400m² max capacity area (includes both the charging & mowing time).

30 hours might sound like a long time, but it really isn’t, given how robot mowers work. Compared to your regular lawn mower, robot mowers are designed to cut grass more often anyway. It has a lot of benefits for the health of you lawn. And get this: the running costs associated are so small, you could buy a second robot mower just for fun and still be left with a surprised pikachu face. Let me demonstrate:

Flymo 1200R uses an 18v 1.6 Ah rechargeable Lithium-ion battery which uses roughly 4 kWh per month for a 400m² max capacity area (simply google the cost). The battery itself would last you a good 2 to 4 years whilst using roughly 0.0288 kWh per charge (calculated here). That’s few cents a day.


What’s In the Box?

Flymo 1200R Package

Robotic Mower
Charging Station
Additional blades
Installation Manual
Quick Start Manual
150m Boundary Wire
Boundary Wire Pegs (200)
Product Registration Card

Screws, power supply, low voltage cable, and the like.


Flymo 1200R Key Features & How It Works

Being a cheaper model, it’s not an ultra smart robotic lawnmower, but it fulfills its purpose just fine.

That’s to say if you’ve never had a robot mower before, you’ll love it to pieces. But if you’re already used to a very fancy robot lawn mower, Flymo 1200R becomes your new 1st world problem as it doesn’t do your dishes nor trim your hedges while requiring a perimeter wire and some babysitting in comparison.

I’ll let this image give you a simplified overview:

Flymo 1200R Fancy Features

Take for example the STOP button (every robot mower has one). You press it, everything comes to a halt. Flymo 1200R won’t do anything until you’ve opened the hatch and entered the PIN code. There’s a lot to unpack. Most of it is self-explanatory though.

Next up… Wait, what’s that?

Flymo 1200R Oops

That’s not right… It says: “Cuts up to 400m² on a single charge.” But it was established that it mows at a rate of 33m² per hour and one charge gives it an average of 50 minutes of mowing time. That would make like 30m² per 50 minutes, but then there’s still 370m² to go after that… I’d like to think my math isn’t that bad (400 ≠ 30). I mean, that picture has been up there for years now. Has nobody noticed?

Anyway, it’s clear what needs a closer look.


1) Navigation system

Flymo 1200R mows in a random pattern. That means it will drive in a straight line until it hits something or reaches the perimeter wire and starts going in a different direction.

Flymo 1200R Moving Pattern Illustration
video illustration

This robot lawnmower does NOT map out your garden nor does it use ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles to avoid. Instead, it relies on an electrified perimeter wire (not harmful) that makes a loop around the area you want cut, and collision sensors that tell it if it has hit an obstacle and should go in another direction. If you didn’t exclude, say, a flowerbed from that cutting area using the perimeter wire, and the path to it wasn’t blocked, then Flymo 1200R would at least try to cut it all down, though it’s really only meant to handle grass.

Additionally, you can install a guide wire (not to confuse with perimeter wire) to automatically steer the robot mower to remote garden areas that it would otherwise hardly ever reach using only the random pattern alone (depicted in the picture below).

Flymo 1200R Remote Start Feature

Flymo 1200R has this functionality called Remote Start that allows it to make use of the guide wire. With this function activated, the robotic lawnmower will follow the guide wire from the charging station to the point where the guide wire connects to the boundary wire. It begins to mow when it reaches that point. How often it goes to that point using the guide wire can be configured in the settings (from “Never 0%” to “Always 100%”, with 20%, 50% 80% being the options in-between).


2) Charging system

Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower recharging and mowing loop is automatic. That means it will return to the charging station by following the perimeter wire all by itself when it becomes low on battery. And when it’s full, it goes out to mowing again.

Flymo 1200R Charging Station

Setting things up is fairly straight forward (installation guide in the manual), but I’d like to point out a few key things still. They’re mainly to do with the charging station placement requirements:

  • It must be close to a wall socket;
  • install on a relatively flat surface outdoors;
  • install it somewhere out of sight from bypassers;
  • leave at least 3 m of free space in front of the charging station;
  • lay at least 1.5 m of perimeter wire straight out to the right and left of the charging station.


3) Cutting system

Flymo 1200R uses 3 pivoting razor-like blades that are attached to a rotating disc.

Flymo 1200R Cutting System - 3 pivoting blades

When these blades come in contact with something harder than grass, rather than the blades cutting into it and getting stuck, these blades are pushed aside and slice the object rather than cut into it. And as you can see, these blades are pretty small, too.

Compared to the solid blade, Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower’s pivoting blades are quieter, safer, and more energy efficient.

Flymo 1200R Cutting Blades

As for the negatives, it’s a little less efficient at cutting things, though still perfectly fine at cutting grass. Another negative about the pivoting blades when compared to solid blade is that the potential for the pivoting blade to break off is higher and you might have to watch your step when walking around the lawn barefoot.

Flymo 1200R Cutting Specifications


4) Safety Features

Apart from Flymo 1200R having a big STOP button, being quiet (up to 59dB), moving slowly, and having a considerably weaker motor than your regular lawn mower has, meaning it will have a hard time with anything other than grass, along with blades being small and tucked deep under the chassis, Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower actually has a few more tricks under its belly (learn more: “Robotic Lawnmower Safety”).

Tilt sensor
It’s what it sounds like – if the mower is tilted, it will come to a halt.

Lift sensor
Same deal – if the mower is lifted, it will come to a halt.

Collision sensor
Apart from helping it navigate, collision sensor also acts as a safety feature. When it collides with a person or an animal, instead of just pushing forward, it will instead stop, recalculate, turn around, and start mowing in a different direction.


5) Security Features

There’s no GPS location tracking, just the PIN code and a few more security measures.

Flymo 1200R has 3 security levels:

  • low
  • medium
  • high

Low and medium security denies access to the robot mower if the PIN code is not right. High security level adds to that a loud beeping sound when the STOP button is pressed, mower lifted, or the hatch opened, and the correct PIN code is not entered within 10 seconds. In any case, when the wrong PIN code is entered 5 times in a row, the robot mower gets blocked for some time. The time it’s blocked increases after every new such failed attempt. I’ll explain in more detail below:

Flymo 1200R Security Features

Time lock
When access is denied, the robot mower can’t be started for 30 days unless you enter the right PIN code. After 30 days, the mower will continue to mow as normal, but the “Enter PIN” message comes up when the hatch is lifted, and the whole 30-day lockout process starts again unless the right PIN code is entered.

PIN request
With the power switch on, every time the hatch is opened, “Enter PIN” request pops up. If the right PIN is not entered, it gets the “time lock”, and if 5 wrong PIN codes are entered in a row, it gets blocked from entering a PIN code again for some time. Every time this happens, the time its blocked increases.

Flymo 1200R Control Panel

Loop signal
Also good to be aware of is that there’s a unique secure connection between the robot mower and the charging station – if the mower was stolen, it wouldn’t be able to be used with any other charging station.

Hide from bypassers
Try installing the charging station somewhere hidden from bypassers for added protection.

Use a sticker
I’d put a sticker on the mower for the potential thief to kindly return it – once they find out they can’t do anything with it without knowing the PIN code, instead of just leaving it somewhere, they might return it knowing they could still get off easy. They might…

Fake surveillance system
Putting a camera, even if fake, in an obvious easy to spot location overlooking the area will at least make the potential thief think twice. Obviously, this “feature” is not included with the purchase of this robot mower…


Further Insights On Flymo 1200R

Before you start up the robot mower for the first time, make sure to look at the instructions beforehand.

Eco mode 
Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawnmower has a function called ECO mode which can be turned on. When activated, Flymo 1200R automatically turns off the signal from the perimeter and guide wires, but also from the charging station when robot mower is not mowing (or when not charging but still sitting in the charging station in standby mode). ECO mode’s main function is to allow for other interfering wireless devices to work while the robot mower is at the time not working as per the schedule.

Mowing schedule suggestions
You could of course schedule Flymo 1200R to run 24/7, with roughly 12 hours mowing and 12 hours charging. However, cutting way too often has 2 problems: the robot mower ages faster, meaning you’d have to change the blades and the battery more often, and secondly, the grass doesn’t get the benefits from some much needed rest when it’s being constantly cut. I’m no grass expert, but surely there are negative nuances to cutting too often, especially during drought.

Flymo 1200R Mowing Schedule Suggestions

To indicate where the robotic lawnmower is at night in the working area, it is possible to allow the display to remain on when the robotic lawnmower is in operation.


Flymo 1200R Care & Maintenance

As is with all robot lawn mowers, Flymo 1200R also requires very low maintenance:

  • clean regularly;
  • replace cutting blades when need be;
  • replace rechargeable battery when it seems almost dead;
  • install charging station in shaded area to protect the mower from the elements;
  • don’t forget to unplug the power supply connected to the charging station you left outside for winter;
  • when storing the robot mower itself, charge fully, turn off, clean, and place in dry indoor conditions, and avoid leaving in freezing temperature.



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